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Who we are

ShipSmart Express was developed to create a personalized and reliable service for individuals or businesses. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing affordable rates and quality customer service. Our customers are provided with the opportunity to shop internationally and have their packages delivered to their homes and workplace. We are committed to facilitate the importation of all permitted goods into Jamaica, offering suitable solutions to meet customers’ unique needs.

With the lowest rates, efficient services, friendly and courteous representatives, we guarantee to make your shipping experience a positive and memorable one!

Here at Shipsmart Express, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Services

What we do?

Online Purchases

Gifts for every occasion

Weekly shipping

Customs Clearance

Gift Forwarding

Free Delivery (Within Port Antonio)

Our process

How it works?

Step 1
Our packaging and mailing facilitation services are handled on our behalf by FSS Consolidators. When you open an account with us, you are given a mailing address, which consists of a Post Office Box AND a street address. This address will become your personal address and should be used as the shipping address for all online orders.

Step 2
When the package reaches our mailing facility, we transport your packages to Jamaica.

Step 3
Upon arrival in Jamaica we handle the customs processing.

Step 4
When your package is at our facility you will get a notification that it is here, from there you can either have your package delivered to you, or can pick up from our location.


Our Shipping Rates

Weight (Lbs.) Rates (JMD)
1 lbs $550
2 lbs $850
3 lbs $1,150
4 lbs $1,450
5 lbs $1,750
6 lbs $2,050
7 lbs $2,350
8 lbs $2,650
9 lbs $2,950
10 lbs $3,250

The first pound is $550 and $300 for every additional pound.

Notice: Please make sure you read our TERMS BELOW

Customs Fees
Packages over $50.00 USD will attract customs duty charges.
Businesses with huge weight and value please call 876-316-4010 for a special quote.

All rates are subject to change without notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions

1Is there a cost to sign up?

No. It's free to sign up.

2 Do we make purchases online for customers?

Yes. We do purchase items for customers who wish to use this service at no additional cost.

3When are customs duties applied?

Custom's duties are applied on invoice total greater than $50 USD.

4 My package appeared to be opened when I received it, why is this?

All packages coming through Jamaica Customs are opened and inspected by a customs officer to verify that the invoice matches the contents of the package.

5 How can I pay for my packages?

Payment can be made via funds transfer or cash upon delivery.

1. Funds Transfers
Please see below our NCB account information.
Beneficiary name: ShipSMART Express
Account number: 844258585

2. Payment on delivery
You may pay for your packages in full upon delivery.

6 Why do I have to provide ShipSmart Express with order invoices for my package(s)?

A declaration with content and value is required to the Jamaica customs for all shipments entering the country using our service. If invoices are not provided, this will result in delays at customs and there is the possibility that the customs officer inspecting the shipment will assign a higher value to your package.

7 Do you ship large packages, barrels and containers?

Yes. We do ocean freight services.

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